Can you help with my Social Media?

Jul 30, 2020

Often times our clients aren’t familiar with how to manage their business’s social media accounts or don’t recognize the value of keeping these accounts active. Staying up to date with social media hashtags, optimization, and trending topics is time-consuming, yet vital to the growth of your brand. The Social Media Team at HFB is here to help! We are able to help you grow your organic social media, create value, consult on campaigns, and manage paid advertising. This page is dedicated to explaining what we can do for your business and (hopefully) answering your first few questions.

What do we offer?

Simply put, HFB offers organic social media posting, consulting, and paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram. However, we cater our services specifically to what your business needs. This can change the number of posts created per week, the platforms we post to, and the budget for advertising campaigns. The amount of posts ranges from 2-5 times a week depending on how much engagement you’re looking for. We do not offer content creation, but we will optimize and post any content you already have. We can also aid in offering suggestions for your organic and paid advertising campaigns.

Our goal is to:

  1. Create Brand Awareness
  2. Manage successful ad campaigns
  3. Consult on increasing organic growth
  4. Be your first resource for social media information

Our current packages include:

  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Posts
  • Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Posts AND Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns

What is the process?

Your goals will determine what services are best for your business.These goals will differ between ecommerce and service based industries. If you’re selling products online, our process is based around increasing awareness of your brand and driving customers straight to your website to make a purchase. For businesses providing a service, creating a following and engaging with your audience becomes our first task. Our team has the experience to create a strategic plan with your needs and goals in mind!

What will this cost?

Having a social media consultant on your side is an investment in your business. The cost of providing these services is purely based on your needs, so the best way to determine how large the investment will be is to contact our Social Media Team directly to review the potential benefit for your company. Keep in mind that the cost of creating posts, consulting, and managing campaigns is separate from the advertising budget. An advertising budget goes straight to the platform on which we are running the ads. Coming up with a budget is dependent on your needs and the speed of growth you are looking for.

All that’s left is to get started. Click here to get in touch with our Social Media team today!


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"This Company went above and beyond in building my website, great communication with Richard, Noah, and other web experts i dealt with, and deal with when I need any changes or updates. They really went above and beyond in building a really responsive site with high SEO ranking as well!

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"When this company called me I was skeptical to get my website done. I've had dozens and dozens of companies reach out. After ultimately deciding to go with them I am so happy I did. They are professional, prompt, detailed and Jeff whom worked very closely with myself and our team was the reason for all of it. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and this necessity our business needed.

I honestly will refer everyone to them and especially Jeff, he made the whole process easy, he was never late (literally not one minute every phone call, super prompt!) and the design/edit was flawless. Thank you so much HFB & Jeff! Worth every penny spent!"