Free SEO Report.

Free SEO Report

Get a Free SEO Report.

With today’s fast pace of evolving technology, it’s vital for ones business that their website is running efficiently. HFB Technologies will scan and check for on page, off page, domain authority, social engagement, and other SEO factors to provide you with a Free SEO Report for your website. We’ll also do competition analysis and you’ll receive a 5 point evaluation covering 60 major aspects.

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Our Report Includes:

+ Link Quality Check
+ Title Tags
+ On-Page Optimization
+ Heading Tags
+ Check for Duplicate Content
+ Keyword Strategy
+ Check for Manual Penalties Reported
+ Call To Action

Free SEO Report

How To Improve My Website?

Free SEO Report Issues

Identify the Issues.

The first place to start when trying to improve your website is to find out what parts of your site are causing the issues. The good news is that this can be done completely for free! There are many tools available online that can give you a general idea of where to start your improvements. Unfortunately, the hardest part is actually making the necessary changes to your site to fix the issues.

HFB offers a Free Website SEO Report as well as a detailed consultation on how these issues can be fixed to improve your websites performance. We are here to provide the expertise that many business owners lack in regards to how to rank higher in online search queries. After you have learned where you can improve, the next step is to put those changes into action! Our Web Experts can help guide you through the process of building a website that is able to perform and grow along with your business.

Free SEO Report Issues
Free SEO Report Problems versus Inadequacies

Problems Versus Inadequacies.

An important factor in improving your website’s SEO is understanding the difference between a problem with your website and an inadequacy of your sites content. Typically a problem is something on your website that is causing a decrease in “SEO juice” that will ultimately cause your site to miss out on potential visitors. This can be anything from an error in your websites coding to an over-sized image that is slowing down your sites load time. An inadequacy in your website refers to things that are missing from your site. This means your website may be lacking content, missing vital meta-information, or structured without the proper tags to help your site rank.

Understanding these differences is only part of the battle. The next step is to start fixing the problems and filling in the gaps to eliminate the inadequacies and boost your rankings through the roof! Partnering with an experienced web development team can turn this daunting task into a smooth and easy process, allowing you to run your business without the worry of where your site is lacking.

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This company went above and beyond.

"This Company went above and beyond in building my website, great communication with Richard, Noah, and other web experts i dealt with, and deal with when I need any changes or updates. They really went above and beyond in building a really responsive site with high SEO ranking as well!

I would recommend this Company to anyone that needs a great website, at a fair price!"
Client Testimonial

I honestly will refer everyone to them.

"When this company called me I was skeptical to get my website done. I've had dozens and dozens of companies reach out. After ultimately deciding to go with them I am so happy I did. They are professional, prompt, detailed and Jeff whom worked very closely with myself and our team was the reason for all of it. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and this necessity our business needed.

I honestly will refer everyone to them and especially Jeff, he made the whole process easy, he was never late (literally not one minute every phone call, super prompt!) and the design/edit was flawless. Thank you so much HFB & Jeff! Worth every penny spent!"