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Local SEO for Your Website.

By specializing in responsive websites that are accessible across all devices and around the world, not only will ones site rank higher on Google and other search engines, the site will also be optimized in turning local visitors to potential clients. Having a responsive website built for Local SEO will both build and generate traffic as well as greatly increase the retention and support of current clientele.

What is a Google Business Listing?

Great question. To put it simply, your Google Business Listing is the key to your business’s Local SEO success. Our experts help you set up the perfect listing for your company and our Support Team can help with the maintenance. You already have a listing created? No problem. We will help you optimize the listing for the best results. Google Business Listings require a little extra attention, but can provide huge results. The best part is that creating your listing is completely free. We handle the hassle and let you focus on running your business.

Our Services Include:

+ Directory Submission & Optimization Services
+ Organic SEO Results
+ Landing Page Promotion
+ Google Business Listing creation and maintenance

Website Local SEO

How Do I Improve Local SEO?

Local SEO Business Listing

Google Business Listing.

The first step to improving your Local SEO is setting up and properly configuring your Google Business Listing to create synergy between your listing and your website. Your Google Business Listing provides customers a preview of your services, hours, business information, and reviews before they continue to viewing your website. It is vital that your website and listing work together to provide a consistent representation of your business to capitalize on every user searching for your business. Continually updating your listing with new photos, updated information, and posts about your company helps to keep your listing fresh and shows Google that your business is up to date.

A Google Business Listing also provides a quick and easy way for local users to find your business on the map and send directions to your storefront directly to their navigation system. This provides an edge over your competition that can make the difference between capturing a potential customers attention when they might not know that your business is just right down the street!

Local SEO Business Listing
Local SEO Business Location

Locate Your Business.

Another staple of Local SEO is geo-locating your business directly on your website. This is done by displaying a map on your site showing your business location or providing your address using meta information so that search engines are able to locate your storefront. The best method of locating your business is by connecting your website to your Google Business Listing as described above. Although the listing provides a lot of “SEO juice” on it’s own, it’s absolutely vital to connect your website to the listing for search engines to recognize your location and accurately display this to the users searching for you.

The web developers that create your site are trained to properly address all of the subtleties of Local SEO to ensure your business has the best chance possible to grow in the search engine rankings. You will be able to rest easy knowing that every phone call, form submission, and online purchase can be accurately tracked and attributed to the extra efforts put in to make your Google Business Listing and website work together.

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"This Company went above and beyond in building my website, great communication with Richard, Noah, and other web experts i dealt with, and deal with when I need any changes or updates. They really went above and beyond in building a really responsive site with high SEO ranking as well!

I would recommend this Company to anyone that needs a great website, at a fair price!"

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"When this company called me I was skeptical to get my website done. I've had dozens and dozens of companies reach out. After ultimately deciding to go with them I am so happy I did. They are professional, prompt, detailed and Jeff whom worked very closely with myself and our team was the reason for all of it. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and this necessity our business needed.

I honestly will refer everyone to them and especially Jeff, he made the whole process easy, he was never late (literally not one minute every phone call, super prompt!) and the design/edit was flawless. Thank you so much HFB & Jeff! Worth every penny spent!"