What can I expect from HFB?

Jun 9, 2020

With the experience from building thousands of websites under our belts, we have developed a fluid system that allows all of our team members to be equipped with the best practices for custom Website Development. We develop websites built to perform and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Each website that we build is catered specifically to our client’s needs, meaning that your website will be built to your exact specifications. Our developers will help to guide you to solutions for each of your problems online, give suggestions on brand improvements, and take you through our strategy for converting visitors into customers.

1. Building your website

No one knows your business better than you. This is why we pair you with one of our experienced website development teams to make your vision a reality! Our websites are built for performance in every industry, and we take pride in our ability to take your vision and build an incredible website that is sure to impress. Between emails, frequent phone calls, and progress follow ups with our team, we make certain that any changes or adjustments you need are taken care of.

2. Launching your website

When your custom built website is ready to launch, our server admins will take your finished site and publish it to your own private server. Our team ensures that your site is optimized for mobile use, has the proper on-page SEO, and goes live without any issues. Although the launching process can take some time, our goal is to have your website fully launched within just a few business days. This time frame allows our team to ensure that your brand new website will hit the ground running without any snags.

3. Hosting your website

After your website has been launched, you will have access to our dedicated Support Team to make adjustments or improvements to your site at any time. The Support Team is here to ensure that your site stays live and functioning properly. We also review the analytics, SEO, and performance of your website to keep you up to date on what’s happening on your site. The HFB Client Portal allows you to submit support tickets 24/7 to ask for help! We pride ourselves on ease of communication and quick response times for all client requests.

As a business owner, you’re busy enough with keeping your business running. Developing websites is our bread and butter. Let us take the burden of building, managing, and maintaining your website to allow you to put your effort where it counts. We strive to make you stand out in your industry with a beautiful and functional online presence, separating your business from the rest by having a strategic approach to attracting the attention of your customers. We want to share our experiences and passion for business growth, through this partnership. HFB is here for you every step of the way!


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What Real Clients Are Saying.

Client Testimonial

This company went above and beyond.

"This Company went above and beyond in building my website, great communication with Richard, Noah, and other web experts i dealt with, and deal with when I need any changes or updates. They really went above and beyond in building a really responsive site with high SEO ranking as well!

I would recommend this Company to anyone that needs a great website, at a fair price!"

Client Testimonial

I honestly will refer everyone to them.

"When this company called me I was skeptical to get my website done. I've had dozens and dozens of companies reach out. After ultimately deciding to go with them I am so happy I did. They are professional, prompt, detailed and Jeff whom worked very closely with myself and our team was the reason for all of it. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and this necessity our business needed.

I honestly will refer everyone to them and especially Jeff, he made the whole process easy, he was never late (literally not one minute every phone call, super prompt!) and the design/edit was flawless. Thank you so much HFB & Jeff! Worth every penny spent!"